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    Posted on 20 December 2017 at 16:05 by in General, Support

    2017 NSOA Deluxe CTA results

    NSOA Cape Town is thrilled to announce our provisional 2017 CTA results for students registered on the Deluxe support programme.

    2017 Deluxe CTA

    2017 results celebration

    28 of the 70 CTA 2 students enrolled on the programme were succesful, making it a 40% pass rate before any supplementary exam results.  A further 16 students have qualified to write the supplementary exams in January 2018, giving the programme a maximum pass rate of 63% should all the supplementary students pass.

    Congratulations to the “class of 2017” for another brilliant result.

    Posted on 20 June 2017 at 12:08 by in General, Support, Training

    NSOA now operating in Gauteng

    Neville Demaine and Graeme O’Reilly of NSOA Learning (Pty) Ltd have been supporting Training Offices in the Western Cape and KZN since 1995 and currently provide 59 different training offices with practical audit training and/or CTA academic support for their trainee accountants.

    Theana Deysel

    Theana Deysel

    We are very pleased to announce that we will now be offering the same services to Training Offices in Gauteng. We are fortunate to have Theana Deysel joining our team from the 1st July 2017. Theana is a Chartered Accountant (SA) and a Registered Assessor and comes with auditing, financial accounting, and financial management experience.

    Theana is passionate about education and training and will be working closely with Neville and Graeme to ensure that we deliver the same level of service excellence to Gauteng that our clients in the Western Cape and KZN receive.

    Service offerings in Gauteng will be targeted at both junior and senior audit trainees and will include:

    1. Relevant and practical auditing training courses.
    2. Assessment workshop in the FM and MD Residual skills.
    3. Professional skills training.
    4. An Induction course that covers the SAICA requirements for Training Offices.
    5. A variety of CTA-level academic support interventions to assist both trainees and their employers to improve pass rates.
    6. In-house assessment refresher sessions for trainees, reviewers, and assessors.

    While public courses will be scheduled to provide these services, we are also able to offer interventions on an in-house basis.

    Please contact Theana on theana@nsoa.co.za or 082 733 3114 to set up a meeting with her or to get more details on the NSOA range of services in Gauteng.

    Posted on 11 December 2015 at 11:20 by in Support

    2015 Cape Town Deluxe results

    well doneHaving waited patiently, UNISA CTA results are now mostly out.  Although we have a few outstanding results from our Cape Town NSOA Deluxe class, we have enough back to be able to publish our success rate.

    In total, we had 86 students on the Deluxe programme in Cape Town.  Of these, 31 have passed (36%) and 39 have supplementary exams (45%).  We are still waiting for 15 results and for now, have assumed the worst for them.  These 15 are included in the figures above and so these %’s represented a worst case scenario.

    If 50% of our students who write the supp were to pass, it would increase our pass rate from 36% to 59%.  Of course, we are hoping for better success in the supplementaries than this, which would only increase the pass rate even more!

    We are very happy with how our student group has performed to date and would like to congratulate all those who have passed and extend our best wishes to those writing supps.  For those who didn’t make it, use 2016 to show UNISA what you’re worth – 2015 was just a practice run for you!