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    Posted on 17 April 2020 at 15:58 by in General, Training

    NSOA moves to on-line training

    Over the course of the next 2 months, all NSOA training interventions will be made available on-line.  The circumstances we all find ourselves in have created a need for us to find an alternate manner in which to deliver the face-to-face offerings that so many of our clients have found to be invaluable.

    A lot of care has been taken to find the ideal platform through which to deliver this live, interactive training alternative and we believe we have nailed it!  These are not your ordinary pre-recorded webinars…

    Sessions are hosted live and incorporate multiple features such as break out rooms, chat features, and live polls to keep the sessions interactive and engaging for delegates.  Using notes, case studies, digital whiteboards, and video clips, delegates will be exposed to the full learning experience that they would have encountered during our traditional face-to-face sessions.

    Posted on 23 October 2019 at 12:22 by in General

    2019 is the final year that NSOA will be offering CTA support

    Having provided academic support to post-graduate students for over 20 years, it is with sadness that we announce our discontinuance of this offering from 2020 onwards.

    2019 will be the final year that we provide CTA support to UNISA students.

    In 2018 UNISA made a decision to no longer provide their study material to external service providers.  As a support provider this then makes it impossible for us to know what UNISA cover in their syllabus (topics and extent of coverage) and when they require their students to do this.  We are thus unable to record content or include questions that we know are relevant.

    The 2019 academic support resources will remain available until the 31st January 2020 to provide our current students with the resources they need to either prepare for the ITC examination in January 2020 or to assist them with any supplementary exams they may need to write through UNISA during January 2020.

    We would like to personally thank all the students that have supported us over the years through making use of our offerings and would also like to thank our dedicated lecture team for the efforts they have put in to provide a quality product that has enabled so many students to achieve success in their CTA exams.


    Posted on 20 December 2017 at 16:05 by in General, Support

    2017 NSOA Deluxe CTA results

    NSOA Cape Town is thrilled to announce our provisional 2017 CTA results for students registered on the Deluxe support programme.

    2017 Deluxe CTA

    2017 results celebration

    28 of the 70 CTA 2 students enrolled on the programme were succesful, making it a 40% pass rate before any supplementary exam results.  A further 16 students have qualified to write the supplementary exams in January 2018, giving the programme a maximum pass rate of 63% should all the supplementary students pass.

    Congratulations to the “class of 2017” for another brilliant result.