On the challenging road to becoming a Chartered Accountant, there could be no better companion than NSOA Learning. Equipping you with the essential theory, practical knowledge and interpersonal skills needed, we aim to empower aspirant Chartered Accountants to carry out their work assignments with confidence and competence.


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Practical Audit Training

Teaching trainees how to audit practically

Professional Skills

Developing the pervasive skills needed to audit effectively

Residual Skills

Focused training on the SAICA Residual Skills

Assessment Training

Helping all role-players understand the SAICA assessment process

Ethics Training

Creating a better culture of ethics within your organisation

SAICA Induction Training

Mandatory induction training for all new trainees

Independent Review Training

Teaching trainees how to conduct Reviews



NSOA moves to on-line training
NSOA moves to on-line training
Over the course of the next 2 months, all NSOA training interventions will be made available on-line Read more…
2019 is the final year that NSOA will be offering CTA support
2019 is the final year that NSOA will be offering CTA support
Having provided academic support to post-graduate students for over 20 years, it is with sadness tha Read more…
NSOA Ethics Course
NSOA Ethics Course
With effect from 1 January 2019, all SAICA trainees with a contract end date after 31 March 2019 wil Read more…

Upcoming courses

AAP 2: Audit Planning
AAP 5: Tests of Control Assessment Workshop
BAP 3: Year End Audit Work 2
AAP 1: Sampling and Analytical Review Procedures
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Physical Address
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Neville Demaine
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Theana Deysel


About NSOA

Established in 1995, NSOA offers a series of training workshops dealing with practical auditing skills, professional skills required of trainee accountants, and SAICA residual skills. NSOA also provides a variety of support interventions directed at the SAICA assessment process, including assessor training, assessment refreshers, and assessment workshops for trainees and reviewers.

In 2017, NSOA entered into a partnership with Theana Deysel to facilitate NSOA training courses in Pretoria and Johannesburg.  The 3 of us work closely to develop and facilitate material of the highest standards possible.

All of our interventions are conducted remotely through Zoom and we facilitate sessions throughout as well as in the other countries such as Namibia, Zimbabwe, and the United Kingdom


We are currently a Level 4 contributor (classified as an Exempt Micro Enterprise) to BBBEE and you may view our BEE certificate at this link NSOA BEE Certificate.


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Neville Demaine

Founder & Managing Director

Graeme O`Reilly


Theana Deysel

Head of Gauteng Operations