Upcoming course dates:

2022-Aug-15 - 2022-Aug-16 - On-line Training Session (with Theana)
2022-Nov-14 - 2022-Nov-15 - On-line Training Session (with Graeme)

Advanced Audit Procedures (AAP) 1 covers:

  • Substantive procedures – including the use of predictive analytical review procedures and the use of sampling techniques.
  • Training in how to develop strong predictive analytical reviews as a viable, cost-effective alternative to extended tests of detail.
  • How to determine appropriate (and justifiable) sample sizes for substantive procedures.
  • How to make selections and how to evaluate the results of these tests.


This is a two-day on-line course and fees in 2022 are R 2 200 per participant (ex VAT) for the 2-day workshop (the same rates as 2021).


Please contact your regional programme manager for more information or to arrange custom training for your organisation OR give us your details below together with your inquiry and we will contact you shortly…