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    Posted on 15 March 2015 at 14:36 by in Support

    52% pass rate for NSOA Deluxe final results in 2014

    Now that the supplementary results are out and we have managed to hound our students into letting us know how they did in those exams, we are able to release our final pass rates for the Deluxe academic support programme in 2014.

    They are BRILLIANT!

    Our group of 51 CTA 1 students on this programme achieved a 47% pass rate and our group of 63 CTA 2 students achieved an incredible 56% pass rate.  Together, this gives our combined group of 114 students an overall pass rate of 52%.

    We would like to once again congratulate all those who passed this very difficult year of studies and wish them all the best in the next stage of their academic journey.

    Posted on 2 March 2015 at 07:43 by in General

    Outstanding PPE results once again


    We are thrilled to be able to confirm a 63% pass rate for the 300+ students enrolled in the final IRBA Support programme for repeat PPE candidates in 2014.  These results, which were released last Friday, once again significantly out-perform the results of candidates not attending the support programme.

    We wish all the successful candidates our heartfelt congratulations!

    Posted on 25 February 2014 at 15:41 by in General

    NSOA PPE Results speak for themselves

    Fireworks We are thrilled to announce the final pass rates for our support programme to the 2013 IRBA PPE.

    In the November 2013 examination, there were a total of 524 repeat candidates writing.  Of these, 162 candidates had enrolled on the NSOA / IRBA support programme.

    NSOA candidates achieved a commendable pass rate of 66% (107 of the 162 candidates) in comparison to the 59% pass rate achieved by the other repeat candidates not on the support programme.

    Our leading NSOA venues were:

    1. East London / Port Elizabeth – 9 of the 11 candidates from this venue passed (82% pass rate)
    2. Cape Town – 39 of the 55 candidates from this venue passed (71% pass rate)
    3. Johannesburg – 37 of the 54 candidates from this venue passed (69% pass rate)

    We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all our succesful candidates.

    For those that didn’t make it, 2014 will be the final year of this examination and NSOA will once again be running the support programme through the IRBA.  Let’s all see if we can achieve a brilliant pass rate in 2014 and go out with a massive bang!