Upcoming course date:

28 Oct 2019 - 29 Oct 2019 - - - Oakdale Club - Bellville

This intense 2-day workshop is directed at SAICA trainee accountants and is structured to develop and assess SAICA Management Decision Making & Control residual skills.

Covering the theory behind each of the tasks the workshop then provides trainees, through simulations, the opportunity to demonstrate their competence for the purposes of assessment.

Given the nature of this session, numbers will be limited to 25 trainees per session.

This residual training course has been developed by Carl Erasmus CA(SA), who also facilitates the session in Cape Town.  In Gauteng, these residual workshops are facilitated by Theana Deysel of NSOA.


The course fee is R3 100 per participant in 2019 (R2 930 in 2018). This fee excludes VAT but includes teas, lunches, course material, and the final assessment of competence.


Please contact your regional programme manager for more information or to arrange custom training for your organisation OR give us your details below together with your enquiry and we will contact you shortly…