Upcoming course date:

25 Oct 2019 - - - - Oakdale Club - Bellville

Over a one-day session, we address the SAICA Induction requirements directly. Trainees are taken through their training contracts, their responsibilities in the workplace, the SAICA Training Programme, and the SAICA assessment process (including the assessment instruments).

The Induction course will always cover the brand new Training Regulations which become effective from 1 January that year.

In our opinion, the training contract is the learning opportunity of a lifetime and we try hard to get trainees to recognise this. As such, we place a huge emphasis on getting trainees to not only understand what their training contracts will involve but also that they fully buy into the process.


The cost of this one-day intervention is R1 250 per participant in 2019 (R1 185 in 2018), excluding VAT. Lunch is included.


Please contact your regional programme manager for more information or to arrange custom training for your organisation OR give us your details below together with your enquiry and we will contact you shortly…