Upcoming course date:

26 Nov 2021 - - On-line Training Session

The Trainee Ethics Workshop is driven by SAICA’s requirement that all trainees with a contract end date of after 31 March 2019 attend a 6-8 hour ethics workshop.  While this course is targeted at trainees, it could be extended to apply to any staff member.

The course covers the prescribed syllabus set by SAICA and encompasses the following:

  • What are ethics?
  • Why are ethics important?
  • The consequences of unethical behaviour.
  • Why is being unethical wrong?
  • An overview of moral philosophy (both normative and meta-ethics).
  • Why are ethics important in business specifically?
  • How to make ethical choices or decisions.
  • The role of the professional accountant in the field of ethics.
  • Ethical duties of individuals.
  • The role of the SAICA COPC in driving ethical behaviour

The workshop will culminate with trainees being provided with an opportunity to reflect on the content covered.


Fees for this on-line session are R1 100 per person, ex VAT (R1 025 in 2020).

The workshop can also be presented very effectively on an in-house basis (on-line or face-to-face) where the whole firm can be taken through the content.  In-house rates for 2021 are R16 750 (R15 750 in 2020) ex VAT for up to 25 participants, with a further fee of R950 (R890 in 2020) per additional participant over 25.


Please contact your regional programme manager for more information or to arrange custom training for your organisation OR give us your details below together with your inquiry and we will contact you shortly…