Reviewer Assessment Workshop (ASS) Course 3:

This 4 hour workshop is aimed at reviewers who need to understand more about their specific role within the SAICA Training Programme and related assessment process.The workshop is only presented on an in-house basis.  The course covers similar content to ASS 2 (the Trainee Assessment Workshop) although the focus is obviously on the reviewer role rather than the trainee role.

The following main topics are addressed through this workshop:

  1. Understanding the SAICA Training Programme
  2. Understanding the Professional Conduct Values, including PC 2 (the ability to identify and respond to ethical dilemmas)
  3. Understanding the difference between Basic and Advanced
  4. Understanding the SAICA rating scale and the use of the decision trees in the determination of ratings of competence
  5. Understanding the reviewer role in the completion of the assessment instruments used in the process (the TSR and PSR)
  6. Understanding the SAICA reviewer requirements for completion of these assessment instruments

NSOA has been working with SAICA since 2005 in the development and facilitation of these sessions and our facilitators bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the training intervention which will leave delegates with a solid grasp of the requirements for assessment.


This is a 4 hour workshop. The cost is R 12 750 for the workshop and there is a limit of 40 delegates on each course. This cost is exclusive of VAT.  Companies are responsible for the costs of any teas , the venue,  any travel costs of the facilitator (if necessary) and for the printing of the material.


Please contact your regional programme manager for more information or to arrange custom training for your organisation OR give us your details below together with your inquiry and we will contact you shortly…