Upcoming course dates:

6 Nov 2019 - 8 Nov 2019 - 2 Dec 2019 - 4 Dec 2019 - - Oakdale Club - Bellville
- Westville Country Club - Durban

Advanced Audit Procedures (AAP) 5 covers:

  • Equipping and assessing trainees on the design and performance of tests of control, with the aim to get all participants to ‘level 4 advanced’ for all associated tasks in this SAICA competency.
  • Preparing the trainee for assessment by working through the theory behind testing controls and showing how this is practically achieved.
  • A formal assessment on the final day.

This course is conducted by NSOA SAICA-Registered Assessors, and results in a formal assessment of competence in TSR format. Trainees who do not meet the required levels of competence during this workshop do receive a re-assessment opportunity (after receiving feedback on their developmental needs).

This assessment will then provide the firm’s Assessors with sufficient evidence of their trainees’ competence in these tasks to sign them off for the Auditing & Assurance Elective (or, by default, for the Residual).


This is a 2-and-a-half day course. The cost is R3 875 per participant in 2019 (R 3 662.50 in 2018). These costs are exclusive of VAT but inclusive of teas and lunches as well as any files and course material to be distributed to the trainees. The cost also includes the assessment of the trainee’s ‘portfolio of evidence’ as well as any re-assessments if required.

Please note that any re-assessments that may be required are conducted outside of normal business hours.


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