Advanced Audit Procedures (AAP) 4

This course takes the form of an interactive role-play with the presenter acting as the (sometimes difficult) client! This simulated audit of a medium-sized clothing manufacturer is conducted from the planning stage through to the final audited trial balance, not only honing the professional skills required on audits, but also covering:

  • The completion of various aspects of the planning documentation (including the negotiation of an audit budget).
  • Completing and concluding on the audit work on receivables, inventory and payables.
  • Evaluating final audit differences.

This is an invaluable opportunity for trainees to establish exactly how good they are at planning and performing audits. Trainees leave the course with a good idea of their developmental needs.

AAP 4 has proven to be a real confidence boost prior to trainees assuming full responsibility for running audits from start to finish.


The nature of this course unfortunately makes it impractical to offer as an on-line solution.  Should we get back to face-to-face delivery, dates for this session will be advised.


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